Spread of Islam in China India & Spain 2

Correct the error in History Books about Muhammad bin Qasim

Title: Lafz Subhaan ky Aeny mein Taqdees e Khuda aur Taqdees e Mustafa (S.A.W) ka Aks
Serial No: 2
Duration: 64 Minutes
Place: Masjid Wazir Khan, Lahore,
Dated: November 5, 1999
--- Fault in history of indian sub continent regarding Islam's first interaction in India by Muhammad bin Qasim or advent of Islam in the Indian Subcontinent through Muhammad Ibn Qasim. Muhammad bin Qasim --- Its Eror in our Indo Pak History Books...books tought in schools.. that Islam's first interaction in Indian sub continent was by Muhammad bin qasim ( in 92 94 hijari)....that interaction was not the first one ... please correct it. o people of knowledge please correct it.islams first interaction had already been taken place two times in 16th 17th 18th hijari in ghazwat.... They had already interacted india..that was first Military interaction...while real first interaction was even earlier than this which was non military infact it was Dawa Interaction .. and that was in prophet Muhammad's life! So islam's first interaction was not by muhammad bin qasim but yes it was first muslim goverment rule in that era but not first interaction ! Similarly Islam's first interaction in Spian was not by tariq bin ziyad....please correct it also...... It was hazrat usman e ghanis era in 27th hijari ................. Spread of Islam in China India Spain -Correct the error in Hostory Books about Muhammad bin Qasim Episode 28 Part 4 of 6 SERIES - Muqam e Risalat SAW aur Hujjiyat e Hadith o Sunnat - Station and Position of Prophethood and Authoritativeness of Sunnah and Hadith - BY SHAYKH UL ISLAM DR. TAHIR UL QADRI - VCD NO - 928
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