Zakir Naik Totally Illiterate in Hadith Science

Again a very big confusion in this concept because people have not understood this concept let me explain first of all this thing people think that Al hadith-us-Sahi is whatever is reported in Bukhari and or in Muslim or BuKhari & Muslim that is sahi. That is again ignorance of Science & Knowledge that is a very big Jihala ! The Sehat of Hadith, acceptability of hadith the strength of hatith or dahaf of hadith all these thing has nothing to do with any book. whether any hadith is contained in Bukhari or Muslim or not -it does not employ that we dont accept because imam Bukhari and Muslim both have not comprehended all Hadith-us-shi in there books. I want to dispel this misunderstanding if u discuss on any particular subject they say just show us in Bukhari ! This statement is itself a Jihala itself. No body in 12 hundred years, I am talking with full responsibility and what I say Inshallah you will not found even a single reference in any single book against what I state Today again there is a big fitna,if you qoiute any hadith they say just show us from bukhari we dont accept anything else. this statement is one of biggest jihala & ignorance In the last 12 hundred years since Jamia Saed ul Bukhari WRITTEN FROM DAY OF IMAM BUKHARI OR muslim till today not a single imam not a single authority of hadith or imam ul usol al hadith has ever started this kind of silly thing this is just a silly statement based on ignorance and ilteracy and lack of knowledge!!! I am again repeating right from imam bukhari and muslim days up till today You can consult 100 books written on Usool e Hadith or more than that it was never statted in last 12 hundred years that show us from Bukhari! This sentence was never uttered in 12 years of history. This is again fitna of present time fitna of jihala They never read subjects,they never go through sciences They never read classicial,basic authority of subject they dont know what is exact science. This is Bidah ! This is a very big bidah ! None of the imam neither from Mukhadmeen up to Mutakireen Including Allama ibn e tammiya Alama Ibn e kaseer, Alama ibn Qayam, Alama Shaokani None of authorities has every stated this kind of thing. 2nd thing is Sehat of hadith has no concern with the book. This is related to the quality of chain of transmitters /narrators or with the quality of afrad / people , but not related to books. Only unique character which is possesd by Sahi bukhari and msulim psoesd by these two books is that there is consensus on Ahl-e-ilm that what ever is reported in Shae bukhari and muslim that is defintely Sahi . But it does not mean that all Sahi hadiths are contained in Sahi Muslim and Bukhari!! And what ever is NOT contained in bukhari & msulim is not Shai! This is tottaly wrong to say.