when did women in the Western world get rights as a legal person as opposed to what he has said so far?

I wanted you to ask me this question so that I should elaborate upon it. So you have rightly raised this question. I have already told about awarding of rights to women with the raising of the Holy Prophet (saw) and revelation of the Holy Quran. Today a lot of noise is made in the western world, Here is my book entitled as Human Rights in Islam. I am referring it to people so that they could study it. It comprises about 800-850 pages. There is a full chapter on women rights here because this book deals with the broader theme of human rights. Now just think that Islam gave women rights some 1500 years ago and the struggle for women rights in Britain got underway in 1897. There is a relative of ours, Madam Khudija. She happens to be sister-in-law of my daughter-in-law, Baji Ghazala. She converted to Islam from Christianity. Her grandmother was the leader of this movement. The struggle for rights started in 1897 and women got these rights in 1918. Even right to vote which Islam has granted 1500 years ago was given as a result of voting in House of Commons with 385 favouring it and 55 still opposing this proposition. Women got right to vote through Representation of Peoples Act with the condition that women above 30 years of age would be able to vote. Women under 30 were still denied this right to vote. This is about the British history. Now let us come to the US. Declaration of Independence was issued in 1776 and from that year till 1920, no rights to women were given and they kept struggling for their rights. They finally got right to vote through 19th Constitutional Amendment in the US. Explaining Declaration of Human Right, the scholars like James Burn and John Blum, authors of Government by the People and National Experience respectively have opined thus: Declaration refers to men or him not women and In the early America, men would not accept them equals. Women were accepted as legal person and granted right to vote in 1920. Afterwards, struggle started in France on February 7, 1848 and after continuous efforts of 100 years, women finally got right to vote in 1944 in this century in which all of us were born. I am closing my book. I have given a complete history of 144 countries in this regard along with the dates as to which country gave women rights when. This is the situation of the western world. In Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, and Japan, women got right to vote in 1907, 1921, 1948, and 1945 respectively. I have listed down 144 countries. Women in Islam got rights without any effort for which western women had to struggle for 200 years.