Paying Diyyat Diyat blood money - Equal Rights for Women & Men in Islam

Aurat ki diyyat ka masala

Title: Mahabbat (Milad e Mustafa PBUH Conference)
Serial No: 1510
Event: Milad-e-Mustafa Conference
Place: New Jersey, America, New Jersey, America
Dated: May 29, 2011
Diya (blood money) is an Arabic word that means "rendering".In Shari'a Diya is the term used to name the money that is due on a person in compensation of a murder or a capital offense.As for its importance in Islam, Allah legislated Diya to protect the rights and console the family of the offended and to ward off and dissuade people from committing such crimes. Diya is also an expiation (Kafara) if the person who committed the offense did so by mistake. -- Topics Covered : -- Accepting diyah (blood money) instead of qisaas (retaliation) in the case of deliberate killing? felony felonies islam Can diyah be accepted in the case of deliberate killing? Can the killer be set free? What is "Blood Money"? What is the significant of Blood Money in Islam?
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