Hazrat omer (R.A) k Maula- Shan e Hazrat Ali Maula (R.A)

Hazrat (Hadrat) Maula e Kainat Mushkil Kusha Imam Ali (A.S) is our Imam. According to our Beloved Prophet MUHAMMAD (S.A.W) Hadith "Mann Kunto Maula Fahaza Aliyunn Maula", He is Mola of all Muslims even all of Messengers (R.A). Shaykh ul Islam Dr. Tahir ul Qadri delivered speech with strong logical and authentic arguments in 2 parts , more than 11 hours duration, in response of some blasphemous comments of Dr. Israr Ahmad on QTV Islamic Channel of Pakistan against Sayyedena Moula Ali (A.S), Abdul Rahman bin Auf (R.A) and other beloved companions of Prophet (S.A.W). Dr. Tahir ul Qadri comments are not his own but according to Quran, Hadith and verified resources of Islamic knowledge.
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