Teacher of Ala-Hazrat gave Fatwa of Kufar on Ismail Dehalvi but He didnot yet he remain Sunni !

Title: Iman, Mahabbat o Adab e Mustafa (PBUH) ka Nam hay
Serial No: 1616
Duration: 96 Minutes
Event: Peace for Humanity & Mawlid-un-Nabi (PBUH) Conference, New York
Place: Nassau Coliseum, New York
Dated: June 3, 2012
-Allama Fazl-e-Haq Khair Aabadi Gave Fatwa of Kufar on Shah Ismail Dehlavi while Ala Hazrat Remain Silent Still Ala Hazrat Remain Sunni- Difference of Opinion on the issue of Takfir by Ala Hazrat. Now let's see Ala Hazrat's way as well. Allama Fazl e Haq Khairabadi (he is among the buzurgaan of Ala Hazrat AlayheRehma) issued the Fatwa of Kufr on Shah Ismail Dehlvi. And Ala Hazrat AlayheRehma, gave conditions and around 70 reasons of the kufr in his Fatawa but in the presence of Allama Fazl e Haq KhairAbadi RehmatullaaAlayh's fatwa didn't issued the Fatwa of Kufr against Shah Ismail Dehlvi (the one who wrote many kufriya statements including that 'Bhai bhai' concept in his books). Now whom would you call on the weaker end of Imaan? He is giving reasons and conditions and still not giving the Fatwa of Kufr on some Hikmat and may be because he didn't have conversations with him in his life because he was earlier than him. Whatsoever was the case, we witnessed a difference of opinion even on the matter of Takfeer, from Ala Hazrat AlayheRehma as well. Then why is this Doctor on being blamed for having one?
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