Wahabies destroyed Tombs Shrines of Ahle Bait & Sahaba + Erecting Building around Shrines

Some of the destroyed sites include: -- Mosques destroyed are The mosque at the grave of Sayyid al-Shuhada Hamza bin Abdul Muttalib. The Mosque of Fatima Zahra. The Mosque of al-Manaratain. Mosque and tomb of Sayyid Imam al-Uraidhi ibn Jafar al-Sadiq, destroyed by dynamite on August 13, 2002. Four mosques at the site of the Battle of the Trench in Medina. The Mosque of Abu Rasheed. Salman al-Farsi Mosque, in Medina. Raj'at ash-Shams Mosque, in Medina. Cemeteries and tombs of sahabas (Ra) and ahle bait destroyed Jannat al-Baqi in Medina, completely leveled. Jannat al-Mu'alla, the ancient cemetery at Mecca. Grave of Hamida al-Barbariyya, the mother of Imam Musa al-Kazim. Grave of Amina bint Wahb, the Prophets mother, bulldozed and set alight in 1998. Graves of Banu Hashim in Mecca. Tombs of Hamza and other martyrs were demolished at Uhud. Tomb of Eve in Jeddah, sealed with concrete in 1975. Grave of the father of the Prophet, in Medina. ==== Historical religious sites destroyed in 1950s ===== The house of Mawlid where Muhammad (s.a.w) is believed to have been born in 570. Originally turned into a cattle market, it now lies under a rundown building which was built 70 years ago as a compromise after Wahhabi clerics called for it to be torn down. The house of Khadija, Muhammads (s.a.w) first wife. Muslims believe he received some of the first revelations there. It was also where his children Umm Kulthum, Ruqayyah, Zainab, Fatima and Qasim were born. After it was rediscovered during the Haram extensions in 1989, it was covered over and public toilets were built above the site. . . House of Muhammed (saw) in Medina, where he lived after the migration from Mecca. . Dar al Arqam, the first Islamic school where Muhammad (Saw) taught.It now lies under the extension of the Haram. . . Qubbat al-Thanaya, the burial site of Muhammed's (Saw)incisor that was broken in the Battle of Uhud. . . Mashrubat Umm Ibrahim, built to mark the location of the house where the Prophets son, Ibrahim, was born to Mariah. . . Dome which served as a canopy over the Well of Zamzam. . . Bayt al-Ahzan of Sayyida Fatima (ra), in Medina. . . House of Imam Ja'far al-Sadiq ra), in Medina. . . Mahhalla complex of Banu Hashim, in Medina. . . House of Imam Ali where Imam Hasan and Imam Husayn were born
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