Anti-Terrorism Summer Camp Held In Britain - Minhaj-ul-Quran International

What is being called the Western world's first anti-terror camp for young Muslims is being held in Britain, with thousands of people attending from across Europe and North America. 'Al-Hidayah 2010' - as it is called - is being staged by the Pakistani Muslim scholar Muhammed ul-Qadri, who is giving workshops and lectures on how to recognize and counter extremism. At first, it looks like any other summer camp; young people are arriving with bulging suitcases, discovering their new surroundings, chatting awkwardly and making new friends. But al-Hidayah 2010 is a summer camp with a difference. About 1,300 young people from across Britain, Europe and even North America have gathered at the University of Warwick in central England to learn how to combat extremism and terrorism. After an opening ceremony in the vast concert hall, with verses sung from the Koran, comes a speech from the person they have all come to see: Muslim scholar and event organizer Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri. "What we are doing to combat terrorism through this camp - the first anti-terrorist camp in the Western world - we are fighting on the ideological, philosophical, theological and academic fronts. We are trying to educate young people. We are trying to present a true moderate vision of Islam," he said. Muhammad ul-Qadri made headlines in Britain earlier this year, when he issued a 600-page "fatwa" against terrorism. It was an effort to counter the views of radical Muslim preachers and clerics, who have been blamed for encouraging so-called 'homegrown' terrorists in Britain. The term refers to natives of a country who become radicalized and identify with foreign terror groups.