“Path to Peace is a Commitment to Other’s Need”. Dr Hussain Mohi-ud-Din Qadri

“Path to Peace is a Commitment to Other’s Need” A motto of the Conference as a message to take back to your Countries and for Eternal Peace of Lives

Lahore: 21-OCT-2018:

“The ultimate asylum of any humanity is in Religion. Contradictory to whatever worldly progress we make. No religion preaches or holds doctrines of tyranny, aggression, violence and terrorism. It is established fact that founders of the religions were very much concerned about the affairs and problems of ordinary human beings to be dealt directly above the issues of race, ethnicity, gender, class and cast”.

These words of accumulated wisdom were uttered by the Dr. Hussain Mohi-ud-Din Qadri Deputy Chairman BOG Minhaj University Lahore at the closing session of the two days International Conference titled “Social responsibility and World Religion”.

The International Conference was held at Minhaj University Lahore with the collaboration of PHEC (Punjab Higher Education Commission). Dr. Nizam-ud-Din Chairman Higher Education Commission was present at the closing session of the international conference and highly appreciated the mile stone conference and remarked that initiating such conferences is a healthy gate way to valuable research oriented study.

Dr. Hussain Mohi-ud-Din Qadri while stating the declaration of the conference said that, State of Madina was true reflection of Human Rights, Brotherhood and Harmony of all religions. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) out rightly spoke against the greed, immorality of the rich merchants and brutality of rulers. The messenger of Allah, Holy Prophet (PBUH) sustained for consecutive twelve years the vicious cruelty of the brutal rulers but never let to outburst his patience and always gave the message of Peace and Love.

Dr. Hussain Mohi-ud-Din Qadri while synthesizing the declaration said “The Sufi Saints of the sub continent taught their disciples that real happiness was found by spending money for need of others. We must symbolize the value of social justice, civil liberties and democracy at crucial times. Ethical values, justice and honesty should be part of good business practice. Every religion has a responsibility to promote tolerance, harmony, peace, forgiveness, love, religious freedom and dialogues with those of other religions or faith. It is social responsibility of every religion to ensure the basic rights of women”.

He further emphasized “All the world religions teach us that the root causes of suffering in the world is not religion but politics, economics, arrogance and greed that have gripped so many people in our planet. The root of the problem lies within us. Hence in order to develop a sense of social responsibility we need to start living from the inside out rather from the outside in. To acquire the inner strength we need to commit ourselves with a motto that “THE PATH TO PEACE IS A COMMITMENT TO OTHER’S NEED”.

Dr. Hussain Mohi-ud-Din Qadri expressed his expression of esteemed gratitude and congratulations to all the international speakers, paper presenters and scholars from presenting their research papers and their participation in the international conference.

Prof. Dr. Shanti Kumar from Colombo University while presenting his research paper spotlighted that love for humanity he has comprehended by being inspired from the great scholar Sufi Jalaluddin Rumi. The true Messenger of any religion cannot at any cost jeopardize the humanity and world peace. The world is not apprehended by the materialistic poverty but by the spiritual poverty. While responding to a question he uttered that no world order in any way can depart him from his religious beliefs or being with his religion.

The other speaker Dr. Andrew Hogg from Australia, during the question answer session emphatically said that religion is known by the pragmatic means. The basic creation of the man is part & parcel of human rights. Every religion is a clear reflection of this universal truth.

Social Responsibility and the World Religions had a crux that world religions should collaborate to provide spiritually intelligent leaders for social responsibility with characteristics, the ability to adjust the sense of higher purpose, the ability to nurture other and genuine humility.