PAT organizes leadership development workshop

PAT organizes leadership development workshop

Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) arranged an important workshop in connection with the preparation of the upcoming local bodies elections, leadership development, improvement in the organizational structure, and future targets. The workshop was attended by the provincial, district and Tehsil office-holders of PAT Northern Punjab. The speakers threw light on the prevailing political situation in the country and improvement in the organizational structure.

Speaking to the participants of the workshop, PAT Secretary Coordination Arif Chaudhry termed the workers as the precious asset of the party. He said they would start preparing for the local government elections, stating it is with their support that the party will post significant successes in the polls. He said excellent reorganizational work is being carried out in Punjab, stating that the focus is on strengthening the party at the ward and Tehsil levels.

Throwing light on the qualities of a good leader, Arif Chaudhry said an effective leader not only spells out a mission statement clearly but also improvises the strategy in the light of suggestions and experiences of his team members. He said the effectiveness in the leadership comes only after a leader knows his strengths and limitations and is also aware of contemporary challenges.

Arif Chaudhry emphasized the importance of continuing with the leadership development program, stating that it was the only way through which the contemporary challenges could be tackled. He said PAT carried out a fantastic struggle for the establishment of a system that privileges equality of rights of the masses and seeks to eradicate the exploitative order. He said PAT is an ideological party and vowed to continue to struggle to bring the country back on the democratic track.

Qazi Shafique, president of PAT North, said we would take an active part in the local government elections. He said membership and reorganization campaigns will be further accelerated. He said the PAT will field its candidates in every village council. ‘It is important that the local government institutions are empowered administratively as well as finically for the fast-paced development of the local regions. Without functioning local institutions, the establishment of a democratic polity is not possible,’ he added, asking the workers to prepare fully to participate in the local bodies polls.

Secretary Information PAT North Punjab chapter Ghulam Ali said the PAT waged a struggle for the eradication of corruption, change in the system and the rule of law. He said we would field such candidates in the elections that would be motivated by the passion for public service.

Prof Muhammad Saleem, Malik Tahir Javed, Malik Nazir Awan, Zulifqar Chishti, Qazi Nasir, and others were also present on the occasion.