PAT condemns police highhandedness against teachers

Mian Rehan Maqbool, President of Central Punjab, has termed the police action against the protesting teachers as regrettable. He said that the protest is a democratic right of everyone and the teachers’ protest was a peaceful activity meant to press their demands before the authorities. He demanded that the government should immediately release the arrested teachers. He said that such actions should not be taken as the cause of societal suffocation.

Mian Rehan Maqbool said that the caretaker Chief Minister comes from a journalistic background and is a noble human being. He asked him to take notice of the unlawful arrests and order the release of the teachers. He said that our teaching community has been a victim of bureaucracy that manages to increase its perks and privileges at the cost of all others including the teachers.

He said that the unprecedented price hike has affected every segment of society and the teachers have been pushed to take to streets to press their demands for fair treatment. He said had the educational high-ups fulfilled their responsibility in time, our honorable teachers would not have needed to protest. He said it has been our consistent stance that the teachers need to be dealt with respect and affection. “Police action against the teachers is a reflection of a diseased mindset,” he said.