MWF holds daylong free medical camps in various areas of Lahore

free medical camp under MWF

Minhaj Welfare Foundation organized a one-day free medical camp in various areas of Lahore, including Canal Road, Chungi Amr Siddhu, Shaukat Town, and Sher Shah Road Baghbanpura. Experienced medical experts and paramedical staff provided free medical facilities to the residents of these areas.

During the free medical camps, thousands of eligible patients were provided with treatment facilities along with free medicines and necessary laboratory tests. Facilities such as OPD for men and women, ECG, lab tests, pathological laboratory, and dispensary were provided in the medical camp.

Residents expressed their happiness at the establishment of the free medical camp by Minhaj-ul-Quran Foundation and expressed hope that such initiatives will continue in the future. The inauguration of the one-day free medical camps was done by the coordinator of Minhaj Welfare Foundation Lahore, Captain (Retired) Abdul Majid.

On this occasion, Vice President of MQI Lahore Professor Zulfiqar Ali, Mian Mumtaz Hussain, Mumtaz Khichi, Asghar Sajid, Iqbal Bajwa, Muhammad Qasim, Rehan Chaudhry, and other dignitaries were also present.

Captain (Retired) Abdul Majid stated in his speech that the journey of selfless service by Minhaj Welfare Foundation is ongoing and universal. He said that Islam has designated service to humanity as the best morals and great worship. Allah Almighty also likes the act of helping the needy.

“We should love and sympathize with the needy people and extend help to them to fulfill their needs so that we may attain the pleasure of Allah.”

Political and social personalities, as well as esteemed residents of the area, participated in large numbers in the one-day medical camp. People appreciated the people engaged in alleviating the suffering of needy individuals and distributing ease among them.