Libraries are key to promoting knowledge: Aghosh Director

Aghosh Complex Library Opnening Ceremony 2024

Colonel (R) Mubashir Iqbal, Director of Aghosh Orphan Care Home, has emphasized the importance of books, schools, and libraries in the lives of nations. He stated that these three elements are crucial for any kind of progress and serve as fundamental sources of knowledge and education.

He said knowledge is light and the ornament of humanity. If we possess knowledge, we have everything; without it, we have nothing. Islam, he said, places great emphasis on the acquisition of knowledge. Friendship with books, love for knowledge, and the establishment and maintenance of libraries are the hallmarks of living nations.

Col. (r ) Mubashir Iqbal expressed these views while speaking at the inauguration ceremony of the girls' library at Aghosh Orphan Care Home. He praised the well-known welfare organization Milkar Pakistan and the students of the University of Management and Technology for establishing the library and providing more than 600 books. He expressed special gratitude to Dr. Hassan Murad and the volunteers of Milkar Pakistan, presenting them with shields during the inauguration ceremony.

Colonel (R) Mubashir Iqbal further stated that libraries hold fundamental importance in educational institutions. He mentioned that as long as Muslims adorned themselves with the ornament of knowledge, made books their friends, and maintained their intellectual and spiritual connection with schools and libraries, they succeeded in every field of life. Knowledge is the means and source of both religious and worldly success.