Launching ceremony of Islamic Curriculum on Peace & Counter Terrorism

Serial No: 2256
Speech No: Hb-78
Event: Launching Ceremony of Peace Curriculum
Place: Islamabad, Pakistan
Category: Fikriat
Islamic curriculum on peace & counter-terrorism launched in Pakistan Addressing a ceremony held on July 29 in Islamabad to launch peace curriculum on peace and counter-terrorism consisting of 25 books, PAT Chairman Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri has said that terrorism is not only the biggest threat to the Muslim world but also to the whole humanity. He said that the terrorists defamed Islam for their financial interests and acquisition of power. He said that the terrorists are given funds of billions of rupees to spread mayhem and chaos, adding that the funds trails continue to remain hot even today, which is unfortunate. ‘I say this with full responsibility that education imparted by religious seminaries spanning over ten to twelve years does not have even a single chapter teaching elimination of terrorism and promotion of peace,’ he said.