Never let your dis agreement on knowledge turn into opposition [With English Translation]

Title: Ishq
Serial No: 4
Duration: 53 Minutes
Place: Darbar Sharif of Hazrat Khawja Ghulam Fareed (R.A), Kot Mithan Sharif,
Dated: April 15, 1994
Never let your self be distraught or be confused on this matter that all the great scholars and personalities of Islam do not have the same, one, agreeable opinion upon a certain matter in a congregative way. However, if this happens it is the most best of blessings and a thing that is full of good. Even though on certain issues if someone differs or disagrees in opinion, that dis-agreement should not cause distraught and confusion leading to opposition. Because, if a dis-agreement remains only a dis-agreement then it is a blessing, but if that dis-agreement turns into an opposition then it is not a blessing but an inconvenience for everyone. And if we try to remove the limit or the distance between opposition and dis-agreement then it is bad for the Ummah and for our schools of thought as well. Sadly, we have removed the difference between dis-agreement and opposition. Wherever there is a dis-agreement we turn it into opposition, which further turns into a debate, leading to a dispute. If a certain dis-agreement is literary then there is no harm, because literary dis-agreements were found among the Sahaba Ajmaeiin (Radhi Allahu Anhu) too, but they never opposed each other. Such literary dis-agreements were found among the Tabieen, Taba Tabieen, the great scholars and the 4 Imaams too. But their way was to let their dis-agreement remain only a dis-agreement and not to turn their dis-agreement into opposition, therefore, it then remains a mercy. Therefore, the first rule for the unity of Muslim Ummah is that we must make a strong intention, deep in our hearts, that we will never let our literary dis-agreement turn into a mutual opposition, therefore in this way dis-agreements never cause harm. This should be a fundamental principle of thought in uniting the Ummah.
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