Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) allowed Christians to perform there Prayers in Masjid -Interfaith Dialogue

Title: Allah ki Naimaton pr Shukr Baja Lany ki Asan Surat
Serial No: 2446
Place: , Lahore
Dated: September 8, 1988
Interfaith Dialogue - Sunna of Prophet Muhammad saw Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) allowed cristians to perform their prayersin Masjid-e-Nabivi...According to Sahi Bukhari "when cristains came toProphet Muhammad(PBUH) to have talks on some issues and after some time of arrival, they said that, it's time for their prayer and their was not a church near by, Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) allowed them to pray in masjid-e-nabavi in Madina Munavara"....Prophet S.A.W.S did this to discorage the difference between cristains and muslims. at that point of time..According to some Hikmat... Prophet S.A.W.S used to get involved with people of different religions and try to call them towards islam..with certain Hikmat...depending upon the conditions and depending upon the thoughts of people...ONLY FOR THE SAKE OF ALLAH,ISLAAM,TO SAVE PEOPLE'S IMAAN, TO SAVE THEM FROM THE FIRE OF HELL, TO GUILD THEM AND PUT THEM ON THE RIGHT PATH WHICH GOES TO ALLAH. DR TAHIR UL QADRI HAS DONE THE SAME FOR INTERFAITH DIALOGUE. --- Referances:- - Bahaqi (Shob-al-Iman, Volume 6, Page 518, Hadith 9125) - Ibn-e-Kathir (As-Sirat-un-Nabaviya, Volume 2, Page 31) - Saidavi (Mojam-ul-Shuokh, Volume 1, Page 97)
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