Imam Nasai Martyred in Love of Imam Ali (as)

Lecture: Imam Hassan Basri RA ka Hadhrat Ali RA sey sima This is one of the historic lectures in Ilm ul Hadith (Science of Hadith) which was outstanding for the last 11 centuries, which is why the science of Sufism could not have been proved with the conditions of Science of Hadith. The Muhadithin could not prove any meeting between Imam Hasan Basri and Imam Ali according to the conditions/requisites of Science of Hadith. In this historic speech during the largest Itikaf of the Muslim world after the Harmain, Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri after his immense research has provided more than 30 Hadith transmitted through the two Imam. He proves that the meeting between the two greatest Imams of the time did take place hence resolved the outstanding issue.