Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri urges MQI activists to use social media for positive purposes

In an online address to thousands of social media activists, MQI founding-leader Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri has said that the youth should make sure to learn the use of the modern means of communication in line with the social and moral values and the religious teachings. He said that in addition to being the most powerful tool of the present century, social media is also a very sensitive matter that calls for responsibility on part of the users. He said that its use is marked by both benefits and pitfalls, adding that it will result in the requisite outcomes depending upon the kind of purpose it is used for.

Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri said that social media provides an opportunity to reach out to thousands of people within the shortest possible time. He said that if the user has something positive and pious to say, it is the source of earning rewards and if he or she uses ICTs for propagation of half-truths, slander, and character assassination, it will lead to chaos and upheaval in society. He said that we should make our utmost effort to protect ourselves from every kind of mischief and negativity.

MQI leader said that it is unfortunate that there is a practice of sharing content on social media without reference to the context, which is outright deceit and corruption. He said that such evil practices have negative effect on the target audience. He advised the MQI social media users to stay away from such actions. He said that various social media tools can be employed to spread good, and impart moral and spiritual training and urged the MQI activists to use social media platforms with such thinking. He also emphasized the need for a purposeful training in the use of social media.

Dr Qadri also said that the social media activists associated with MQI should expand their knowledge on various issues, equip themselves with the tools to get down to the facts through the maze, have decency in their conversation with others and only share authentic and credible information with the people. He said that credibility is the most important virtue and must be upheld in every case. He said that people coming in touch with them must regard them as true and authentic people worthy of their online and offline time.

MQI leader made it clear to the MQI social media activists to abstain from the use of social media for negative purposes such as levelling allegations against others, and spreading misinformation. He said that it is the right of every consumer of information to have access to authentic information. He said that precious time is often wasted on meaningless debates on social media and asked MQI workers to not indulge in such activity. He said that MQI has many accomplishments on its credit such as the promotion of peace, interfaith dialogue, and harmony, establishment of educational institutions, and the promotion of public welfare. He stressed the need of spreading the word about such initiatives with an intention of good. He further said that Minhaj cyber activists and the officeholders of Social Media Working Council should play their role in defending Islam and the ideology of Pakistan against nefarious attacks. He said that every activist is ambassador of the mission and he/she should act on social spaces with this thought in mind.