Central social media teams of MSM & MYL formed

Minhaj youth Leauge and Mustafvi Students Movement

The central social media teams for Minhaj Youth League and Mustafavi Students Movement have been formed. Vice President of Media Affairs Noorullah Siddiqui has issued the notification in this regard.

For Minhaj Youth League, the central social media team head is Naeem Ahmad Malik, with Gohar Abbas as Coordinator and Saad Qadri as Deputy Coordinator. For the Mustafavi Students Movement, the central social media head is Osama Mushtaq, with Moheb Rasool and Uzair Jami appointed as Deputy Coordinators.

Asif Gujar and Naveed Alam, heads of the Social Media Working Council, extended their congratulations. Noorullah Siddiqui expressed hope that the new social media teams of Minhaj Youth League and MSM will effectively utilize their skills on social media to promote the knowledge and peace initiatives of Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri.